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5,000, 3D Generated NFTs that live in Citizenz City!

Owning a Citizenz NFT allows you to become part of one of the biggest DAOs and stake your NFT to earn Citizenz Coin, the utility token for one of the biggest ecosystems in the NFT space.

Genesis Citizenz




Mint Price


Who are the Genesis Citizenz?

The first 5,000 Citizenz will be the Genesis Citizenz. These will be your key to Citizenz City. Genesis Citizenz will be needed for breeding, and will be able to be staked after launch to earn Citizenz Coin daily. Citizenz Coin will be needed for the Utility plans and Metaverse of this project. Only Genesis Citizenz will have access to certain aspects of the Roadmap and Project.

The Roadmap To Citizenz City

The future is brighter than ever for Citizenz. In this roadmap, we will lay out our future plans, concepts, ideas, and dreams that we will be accomplishing as we move forward with this project! This section of the roadmap will cover things that will happen in the near future of our project.

Long-term consistency, sustainability, dedication and endurance is what makes a Project considered “Blue-Chip”, we want all of our Holders to take this community to the next level. Come see what our vision is in this roadmap.

After minting, Citizenz Holders will have access to perks only for holders.

Rumor has it, there is an entire city, living in the MetaVerse, that nobody has discovered. In this city, lies 5,000, 3D generated Citizenz. In this phase, the server slowly begins to enlist members into the presale, so that initial supporters are locked in and prepared to find their Citizenz! We will also be throwing out sneak peaks, putting the project together, and preparing for a great journey ahead.

During this time, the whitelists will be full, presale and public launch will be scheduled, mint prices, project details and more will all be confirmed, and we can journey forward and find the Citizenz! In this phase, minting will happen. As we get closer and closer to selling out, future plans will start to be rolled out and worked on, and we will come to realize, that there is more to the life of a Citizenz…

After everything is prepared by the Team, minting commences! We will first allow the Founders mint to ensure everything is under control, then our Whitelisted Citizenz, and then we will have a Public Sale. The 5,000 Citizenz in this collection will be called the “Genesis Citizenz”. Genesis Citizenz will be the core of this project. Only with a Genesis Citizenz you will have access to the perks and holders benefits: Pets, Staking, Breeding, Land, and more. In the future, any other Citizenz will have their own different utility. Genesis Citizenz will be extremely important to our project and vision. After all 5,000 are minted out – we move forward and get closer to finding Citizenz City!

After all 5,000 Citizenz are minted out, then we will begin to roll out Citizenz Coin and work. Citizenz can be sent to work on our website (staked) to earn Citizenz Coin every single day, with their NFT! Each Citizenz NFT can be staked. Citizenz Coin will have many uses, such as governance, and ultimately for utility in the ecosystem and economy of Citizenz City. Every single thing we have to offer AFTER the Genesis mints will only be purchasable by Citizenz Coin!

After our launch is complete, and Staking commences, we will be setting aside funds from the initial mint into a wallet for the Citizenz DAO. This means that Citizenz Holders get to decide where those funds go. DAO Funds will be used to purchase Blue-Chip projects mainly for staking and use of PFPs by Citizenz Holders. We will be using Snapshot for any proposals and votes will be weighed by both Citizenz NFTs and Citizenz Coin.

As stated above, Citizenz Coin is our utility token. We want to test this utility by being one of the first projects to allow our holders to mint and NFT with their Citizenz Coins earned from Staking! This drop will be used as a test for the future phases of the roadmap. Petz will be companions to Citizenz and will also play a huge part in the ecosystem! 

With two Citizenz and some Citizenz Coin, why not start a family? Breeding will allow holders of 2 Citizenz NFT to pay Citizenz Coin and mint a Kid Citizenz. We decided to go with Kids to take a unique approach from the traditional “Baby” mints!

Citizenz City. What comes to your mind when you hear that name? This is something that we BUILD together. We come together as Citizenz, of one City, and build something completely Decentralized. Here are two of the building types that you will be able to secure with Citizenz Coin Land Plots: Every building needs a Land Plot. We envision Citizenz City to have one giant map. And across the map lay various land plots. Residential, Industrial, each plot will only allow certain types of buildings on them! Houses: Every Citizenz needs a home right? Houses will be Voxel/3D buildings that resemble homes. Whether it’s a penthouse, house, mansion, the possibilities are endless. Some will be rarer than others, and more details will come as we approach this phase. Houses will be customizable in the Metaverse – you will be able to buy furniture, accessories and more. ALL of these items will be NFTs as well… Properties: We are still conceptualizing this, but essentially these will be buildings that will earn you even more Citizenz Coin. Other Citizenz can be staked at your workplace or property to earn more coins than the original Staking, and they will have to pay the property owner to use it! (This is still a concept, and can be changed in the future.) Vehicles: We don’t know how these will be used, or if they will just be an accessory, but we have the capabilities to create vehicles for Citizenz. Wen Lambo?

Vision: Citizenz City At Last!

This is one of the biggest parts of our roadmap. Our Metaverse. Our final goal is to create one giant ecosystem, set with activities, objectives, incentives, mini-games, core-games and more. We want to create Citizenz City in the Metaverse and create one massive City Game. To conclude, I grew up as a kid playing Lego’s, open world games, RPG’s and more. My creative mind never wants to sleep, or rest at all. The possibilities are ENDLESS for Citizenz. We are building blocks on one giant, decentralized board, and there is NO ROOF for us to hit. We keep growing by the day. This project is a dream come true for our whole team, and we want to create something huge. Whether you exit early, or HODL, is up to you. But our vision is strong, and our ambitions go stronger. Citizenz will be heard of, Citizenz will be S-Tier, Citizenz will be a movement, a community, a family, and lastly, a City. Please take your time to read everything. 


About Team

Semy has been in the design/art field for more than 12 years. My team behind ThreeDee and I helped build the art behind citizenz, and we plan to support the project along the way. I hope you will enjoy the ride as there are plenty of things we can do together! 


Nick Juntilla is one of the original pioneers of NFT technology starting in 2017 creating one of the first erc1155 contracts and building the first NFT creator mobile app, Reciptchain still listed in the OpenSea api docs, now

Links and Resources

If you want to keep up with us, and learn more about our project, make sure to check out the Discord and meet the Community before anything else! Included below is also our Twitter, Etherscan Contract, and Opensea!

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